Comic 29 - Sugar, Spice & Everything Classified

6th Dec 2017, 6:02 PM in Chapter 4: BOARD MEETING OF DOOM
Sugar, Spice & Everything Classified
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Guybrush20X6 6th Dec 2017, 6:02 PM edit delete
Well how's that for fate? As we talk about how Mega Man left the world of Level 30 and EBW, he comes back in our world. You may say it's a pretty obvious thing for the 30th Anniversary but remember, the last anniversary celebration was a mobile game, followed up by an officially licenced fan-game when that got backlash.

So in the same week, Roll's got a cute new outfit and a mysterious new agenda. How much is real and how much is facade? What do you think she's talking about in code? And how is Air Man going to follow this act?
CidYoshi 7th Dec 2017, 12:24 AM edit delete
What does that code mean? Why is Roll so secretive about stopping the bad guys? Why is DickTracyMan so upset of his outfit? When did Zelda became Major?
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D-Rex 6th Dec 2017, 7:03 PM edit delete reply
Well, at least her cause is a noble one. If she's this good at hiding what she's really capable of she'd make a terrifying villain.
CidYoshi 7th Dec 2017, 12:25 AM edit delete reply
How do you know that she is not a bad guy? Maybe she has her own dark agenda? His beloved brother died... grief can transform somebody completly.
D-Rex 7th Dec 2017, 1:57 AM edit delete reply
She always could be I suppose. I don't think that's the case though. Especially not with how VILLAIN is talking about her now. The worst I can imagine her being is an anti-hero.
Red Feather 7th Dec 2017, 3:19 AM edit delete reply
I like the coats, and something tells me Looker would approve. And as to the code, I'd guess "John Lee" and "Clearing Lady" are code names. The third eye is still bloodshot might mean someone is still suspicious, and the flower shop is fully stocked could mean something is ready for something
MichaelgRook 7th Dec 2017, 1:06 PM edit delete reply
Zelda is the mayor. Also we still haven't been told exactly HOW the villians have been undermined by roll.
JokerJay779 7th Dec 2017, 11:22 PM edit delete reply
People thought I was crazy when I said Mega Man wasn't dead yet. But I guess I sure showed myself.
CidYoshi 8th Dec 2017, 12:52 AM edit delete reply
Megaman dies in the end.
JokerJay779 9th Dec 2017, 12:27 AM edit delete reply
I mean if we want to be technical he had to have die in some point in the Classic timeline series for X to be a thing.
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