Comic 10 - Flash in the Pan

3rd May 2017, 5:01 PM in Chapter 1: Hard Recruitment Drive
Flash in the Pan
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Guybrush20X6 3rd May 2017, 5:01 PM edit delete
Air Man is running out of fellow Robot Masters and encountered the worst of all rebuttals, the ArmorPiercingQuestion.

Deciding who'd play Morpheus too a long time until I realised what game character also dishes out Brightly Colored Pills.
CidYoshi 3rd May 2017, 6:39 PM edit delete
I actually thought some lyrics for a song for the musical. 'Take the pill, Neo"

So. Now. You. Must
Take the red pill
Or take the blue pill
But rememember Neo
I only offer you the truth. Oh!~
Take the red pill
Or take the blue pill
The secrets of the Matrix await you
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Zerix26 3rd May 2017, 6:40 PM edit delete reply
Who's the girl on the poster?
CidYoshi 3rd May 2017, 6:42 PM edit delete reply
Felicia. From Darkstalkers. Or Marvel vs Capcom if you preffer
JokerJay779 4th May 2017, 3:01 PM edit delete reply
Well at the very least she has managed to create a career for herself.
JokerJay779 4th May 2017, 3:02 PM edit delete reply
Is The Matrix boring I never seen it. I heard good things about it. Air Man is probably being salty.
CidYoshi 4th May 2017, 4:18 PM edit delete reply
Yeah Airman is salty. The Matrix kinda didnt aged well, and some stuff may seem odd and hard to follow. I liked the first 2 movies personally
Lemonado Girl 4th May 2017, 9:54 PM edit delete reply
Lemonado Girl
Rest in pieces, Air Man.
JokerJay779 7th May 2017, 10:55 PM edit delete reply
Wait a minute do they know about the Matrix cause of VG Cataclysm making them all self aware about the real world? Or are they somehow able to view real world media?
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